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Children learning to build friendships during a social skills group in San Diego, CA

Social Communication Specialists

One-on-One & Group Therapy
for Social Thinking® & Executive Functioning Skills
in San Diego, CA

At Social Communication Specialists, we help socially quirky kids, teens, and young adults communicate, relate, and connect.


The people we work with are bright and have many strengths and unique qualities. They also have specific needs that aren't met by talk therapy or traditional social skills groups. Instead, they require the highly specialized social communication approach we provide. Our approach includes real-life guidance and practical strategies with a strong dose of humor, acceptance, and positivity for everyone's differences.


Social Communication Specialists, based in San Diego, CA, is a judgment-free zone where students can be themselves, ask questions, and learn from each other in a safe, supportive, and fun environment.

Meet Janet

Janet Dudley, M.Ed., CCC-SLP, owner and speech therapist at Social Communication Specialists in San Diego, CA
ASHA certified speech therapist
Advanced Specialty Trainings
  • Clinic Training Level 1 - Social Thinking San Jose

  • Social Thinking Internship - Social Thinking San Jose

Janet Dudley, M.Ed., CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist & Social Communication Specialist

Janet is an intuitive and compassionate speech therapist who has been supporting individuals with social and communication differences for over 26 years. She founded Social Communication Specialists in 2008 to address the need for more focused, higher-level social skills groups in her community.  Janet creates strong relationships with her clients and makes therapy motivating and lively! She fosters a sense of community among those she works with and creates a safe space for them to try new things. Janet's unique approach to therapy offers practical social strategies while also sending positive messages about everyone's differences.  Janet has extensive school-based experience in elementary, middle, and high schools. She has a deep understanding of the social and academic demands that students face every day and how those demands can impact a student’s self-esteem. At Social Communication Specialists, Janet is able to help students develop skills that lead to social and academic success.  Janet lives in San Diego with her husband and two feline companions. When not working, she is a passionate home baker, knitter, and avid hiker.

Social Communication

Here's who benefits from our Social Thinking® groups - children, teens, and young adults who...


  • Connect well with adults but struggle to connect with peers

  • Prefer to talk about their own topics of interest

  • Have poor problem solving skills

  • Make friends but have difficulty maintaining friendships

  • Often feel left out by peers and may be targeted for teasing and bullying

  • Have challenges working with peers in groups at school

  • Have difficulty regulating emotions

Executive Functioning

We work one-on-one with teens and young adults who have executive functioning challenges such as...


  • Over or under-estimating how long tasks will take

  • Difficulty focusing and managing distractions

  • Struggling to remember instructions, directions, and important details

  • Difficulty shifting focus between different tasks and activities

  • Inflexibility in adapting to changes in plans or schedules

  • Problems organizing and keeping track of materials and belongings

  • Trouble completing tasks independently 


Getting Started
with Social Communication Specialists

Convenient Service Locations

In Our Clinic

Our group and in-person therapy sessions take place in our San Diego clinic. Our Social Communication Specialists clinic space is designed to make group therapy fun and comfortable, with a welcoming waiting room or parents. 


We offer online therapy as a convenient option for individual services for social communication and executive functioning. Online therapy is available to clients anywhere in California. 

Step 1

We will begin by scheduling a time to discuss your concerns, describe our social communication therapy program, and answer your questions. 

Step 2

We will meet with you and your child over Zoom for a free 20-minute consultation. This allows us to determine which of our social groups is the best fit!

Step 3

We will email you with our recommendations and invite your child to join one of our social groups or get started with one-on-one therapy. We can't wait to welcome you into our community!

social thinking group of teens and young adults in social skills therapy in San Diego
 "My strength lies in my differences, not in my similarities." 
~ Haley Moss

"Janet is funny and approachable, and my son connected with her immediately."

Learning social skills is hard stuff for our kids–confusing and embarrassing at a minimum. Janet is funny and approachable, and my son connected with her immediately. As a result, he felt safe with her and was receptive to her insights. Janet has a true gift to connect with kids and an incredible passion that sets her apart. I’m grateful for the work she’s done with my son!

~ Stephanie K, mom of a 13 year old

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